Looking at chronic yeast infection

Infection caused by yeast may be a new topic for some women. But, this cannot surpass the reality that chronic vaginal yeast infection has indeed occurred in women.

There are a lot of gender-specific responsibilities that women carry. Incidentally, there are also a lot of health risks for women. Records say that three out of four women contracts vaginal yeast infection. This means that women have 75% chances of being afflicted with this disease. Aside from getting infected, the problem could worsen if there is chronic vaginal yeast infection.

While chronic vaginal yeast infection cannot cause death, it still poses great inconvenience in day-to-day living. Simultaneously, the disease affects daily life of the patient.

Yeast infection is considered to be in the chronic stage if it frequently recurs. At certain times, the recurring of yeast infection is a symptom of pre-existing medical problems. The causes of yeast infection are different depending on the condition. The use of antibiotics for a long time can be a cause since these drugs alters the balance of bacteria in the human body. Antibiotics are known for eliminating even good bacteria thus diminishing the intensity of the body’s defense.

Using birth control pills and other oral contraceptives could also cause yeast infection. Having sex also poses risk of getting yeast from an infective reproductive organ. People with diabetes are likely to have yeast infection. Yeast growth could happen when these organisms feed on the high sugar content of the diabetic patient’s urine.

There are several symptoms for chronic yeast infection in the vaginal area. There might be intense itching or burning sensation in the area. Urination and sexual intercourse might incur pains. Women might also have vaginal discharge similar to cottage cheese.Symptoms also include rectal itching, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Doctors know the chronic yeast infection cure right for your situation. It is required to be checked up by your doctor immediately. The list of chronic yeast infection cure might even seem endless.

It is must for you to check on the symptoms first before looking for a chronic yeast infection cure. Specimen swab would be lifted from the vagina or affected part. There might be a recommendation for a blood test or stool exam to determine if there is internal yeast growth. Once the test confirms the diagnosis, a recommendation of yeast infection treatment would be advised.

In the case of chronic infection, doctors will advise specialized creams and ointments for topical use. The affected area should receive direct application of topical ointments ad creams. If the response to the treatment is exceptional, yeast infection might go away in one to three weeks. Doctors can also opt for the use of oral medicines. This would be especially true if the patient involve would have a hard time applying topical medicines at the regulated period.

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