The Truth About A Male Yeast Infection Home Remedy

A male yeast infection is an illness few people hear about and some don’t believe that it could happen. Although it is not as common as a female yeast infection, it is known to happen in men. In this article the causes and symptoms will be discussed and we go into detail on the most effective male yeast infection home remedy.

Yeast naturally grow in the human gastrointestinal system, but the immune system, as well as friendly, yeast regulating bacteria, keep the population of the fungi population down to a minimum, where it isn’t a threat.

After taking antibiotics, the immune system is weak because antibiotics kill all bacteria including bacteria which helps the body fight off illness. The result is that the amount of yeast in the intestines increases, especially if one has a diet high in sugar, as this feeds the yeast. The rise in the yeast populous within in the body, can lead to medical conditions, and attention should be sought as soon as possible.

After taking antibiotics, the friendly, yeast regulating bacteria in the G.I. tract are killed, allowing the unaffected yeast cells to flourish. The white blood cells usually kill the excess yeast cells that are naturally found in the gastrointestinal system, but, sometimes, the amount is so low it’s ineffective. Left untreated for long periods of time, this condition will then cause other serious health issues for the host. Eating an unhealthy diet at this time could be detrimental to one’s health because the yeast feeds on the excess sugar in the body. Following a proper anti Candida diet will help ensure that yeast populations do not get out of control.

Men with a Candida infection will commonly experience digestive problems such as: bloating, indigestion, gas and diarrhea. A yeast infection may even cause sexual dysfunction in some men, as well as jock itch. A man with a yeast infection can often experience lethargy. The skin will become dry and flaky; cracking of the skin could be a result of a male yeast infection. If a male yeast infection goes unnoticed for long enough, it may cause memory loss or prostate problems.

If caught early enough, a home remedy for a male yeast infection is to simply eat yogurt once a day for a few days. But a man should make sure they see their doctor regardless, because penile yeast infections can be very hard to eliminate. A doctor will most likely prescribe antifungal medicine that kill yeast. But often, yeast become resistant to the antifungal medication.

Antifungal medications may clear up the yeast infection, but it may return and be resistant to these medications, so a home remedy will be useful. A male yeast infection home remedy can be cleared up by using apple cider vinegar topically, or orally, which tend to kill yeast cells rather effectively. Another remedy is colloidal silver, which aid the immune system as well as kill many single cell organisms present in the body.

A couple organic treatments for a male yeast infection are to use coconut oil, which can be applied topically, or taken orally, it destroys the center of the yeast cell, killing it. Using Mediterranean oregano oil can be applied topically, in a diluted form. But be advised, if applied undiluted it will burn.

There are a few organic treatments for a male yeast infection which include; Mediterranean oregano oil, but, again dilute this solution, in order to avoid a burning sensation, when topically applied.

It is suggested to use more than one of these methods together as an effective means of clearing up a male yeast infection. It’s also best to remember, when dealing with Candida yeast, you will need to get to the root of the infection in order to find any real lasting results. Once the infection is under control within the digestive tract, then using a male yeast infection home remedy such as apple cider vinegar, will generally be twice as effective and you should see results much sooner.

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