Yeast Infection in Men and Children?

Some individuals accept the fact that infection is part of their life and it can strike any time. However, these individuals also believe that infections should be prevented especially those that can lead to serious health complications and one of this infection is yeast infection or Candida infection.

Yeast infection is also called Candida infection due to the reason that Candida fungi are responsible for this infection. Most cases of yeast infections are linked to women. As a consequence, some people misinterpreted the information and assumed that yeast infection is only found in female species. In addition, some people believe that yeast infection is in line with vaginal disease.

However, yeast infection is not specific to one gender and not particular to one age group. Men are also vulnerable to yeast infection but they are less likely to be infected. In most instances, men acquire yeast infection after they had a sexual contact with a woman that is suffering from yeast infection. Aside from this, men with weak immune system are equally at risk to yeast infection.

Yeast infection that is typically found in men has nearly the same symptoms from vaginal yeast infection. Men that are attacked by yeast infection also suffer from irritation and pain. Redness at the tip of the penis often means that there is a presence of yeast infection.

Aside from penile yeast infections men are also susceptible to mouth yeast infection, known as thrush. Most often, thrush appears in children however it is often neglected. This type of yeast infection is not appealing to look at, especially the severe ones. The overgrown fungi cause odor and a cheesy like appearance on the mouth.

Yeast infection can also occurred on the other parts of a male’s body. In general, since fungi are naturally growing in a male and child’s body, men and children are also susceptible to yeast infection. So, if you think you are safe from yeast infection, you should think again.

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