Vaginal Yeast Infections – Cure Yeast Infections Now!

Vaginal yeast infections are painful and should be treated at the first signs of yeast infections.

So are the common signs of yeast infections?

* Vaginal itching
* Vaginal irritation
* Thick, white, possibly curd-like vaginal discharge
* Redness, swelling, and/or cracking of the vulvar skin
* Burning sensation during urination
* Itching of the rectal opening
* Pain during sexual intercourse

Soon as you experience any of these signs of yeast infections it is time to seek treatment immediately. Vaginal yeast infections can be serious if not treated right away. The worst thing you could ever do is let your yeast infection go unnoticed. Diabetes and yeast infections go hand and hand so if you have diabetes you have a greater chance of getting a yeast infection. Relief for yeast infections itching is challenging but if you use the right techniques, eat the right foods, and avoid the foods that fuel yeast infections you should be able to keep them away forever. Most people wonder how long do yeast infections last. The answer to this question really depends on how well you treat it right at the first signs of yeast infections. Tea tree oil for yeast infections is one of the best methods used to treat them!


* A few drops of Tea Tree oil
* 1 Tampon
* Lubrication (aka KY Jelly)

First you will need to put lubricant on the top part of the tampon. This will stop the tampon from absorbing the teatree oil. Next you will simply add 2 drops of tea tree oil onto the tampon and insert into the vagina. If you don’t like tea tree oil, you can try tea tree oil cream. It works the same without all the hassle of having to prepare it. All you need to do is apply the cream directly to the vulva daily. After this, BOOM your yeast infection is gone!

You could also try Potassium Sorbate. Potassium Sorbate is a strong fungicide that is widely used in preserving the life of foods, and is used in many beers to stop overabundance of yeast. Potassium sorbate is available at places that sell home-brewing supplies, and at some natural foods stores.

However you decide to treat your yeast infection, please treat it naturally using no drugs or harmful substances to your body. Over-the-counter medication doesn’t work well and only causes more problems instead of helping. Cinnamon oil, yeast infections is a great cure to fighting yeast infections. With OTC medication, the problem is the yeast infection is only fought in one part of the body instead of curing the whole body. All natural treatments to yeast infections will treat your ENTIRE body at the direct source of the yeast infection. There are NO side effects in using all natural treatments. With any OTC medication to treat yeast infections, be prepared to have serious side effects. In any method you use to treat your yeast infection, I wish you the best of luck! Yeast infections are horrible, embarrassing, and painful….no one deserves them.

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