Vaginal Itching and Burning: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Itching causes a lot of irritation and discomfort. Continued itching causes sores, especially on sensitive body parts such as the vagina. Vaginal itching is one of the greatest nuisances in most women and ladies in general. This is because itching occurs at anytime, even when in public, and, as such, causes a lot of discomfort. It’s obviously inappropriate to scratch oneself in certain situations. As such, it is important that you understand what vaginal itching is and how it can be controlled. Medics attest that vaginal itching is preventable and controllable, as it is not a medical condition. Most vaginal itching and genital itching in general are minor problems that do not require any detailed treatment. However, they can be a great avenue for other infections, especially those that are sexually transmitted.

Causes of vaginal itching

Vaginal itching and burning are caused by a number of factors which can be categorized differently.

Bacterial vaginosis

This refers to bacteria that cause itching infections around the vagina. Though gynecologists provide that it’s quite normal to have different bacteria around the vagina, they also warn that there are harmful bacteria that lead to vaginal infections. Other than itching, bacterial vaginosis causes other symptoms, such as burning, discharge from the vagina, a strong odor, and inflammation around the vagina.

Yeast infections

Research done in the USA in 2010 showed that in every five women, at least three are vulnerable to developing yeast infections on their vagina. These types of infections occur when there is excessive growth of Candida, a form of yeast around the vagina and the vulva in the reproductive system. Yeast infections usually grow during pregnancy, intercourse, and also due to the effect of antibiotics. Yeast infections lead to the production of a white and cheesy smelly discharge around the vagina.


The decline in the production of estrogen in the last years of a woman’s productivity is also attributed to be a possible cause of vaginal itching and irritation. This decline in estrogen production causes the vaginal walls to thin and dry frequently. This in turn leads to irritation of the vagina. Chemical irritants in condoms and creams can also cause an itching effect on the vagina.


The main symptom of a vaginal infection is extensive irritation, especially in the morning and late at night. The itching is likely to be so persistent that you are forced to continually scratch your vagina. In severe cases of vaginal infection, there is the production of discharges from the vagina. In addition to this, the discharges (usually yellow or white) usually have a fish-like smell which is extremely pungent. It is also possible to identify sores on the vagina, mainly because of extensive scratching.


Treatment of vaginal itching and burning is mainly dietary and hygienic. You should avoid using feminine hygiene sprays and reactive creams on your vagina. You should also avoid wearing wet inner clothes as they harbor the bacteria that cause the itching. For diabetic women it is important to ensure that you are able to control blood sugar levels. You should also avoid wearing panties that are made of synthetic materials and instead use cotton panties. On your diet, ensure that you consume at least one glass of yoghurt on a daily basis. This helps in destroying bacteria that cause itching of the vagina.

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